Important changes for the development branch of Friendica

Soon we will merge a change into the develop branch that will affect the way that the system is updated.

By now it was enough to call “git pull” to get the newest code. When you are on the “develop” branch you will now have to execute a second command after this pull.

For a detailed explanation I’m forwarding a part of a message from Hypolite according this:

an upcoming PR on the develop will change the way you will install and update Friendica. From now on, after cloning the friendica/friendica repository or after each pull, the following command is necessary to import the dependencies:
friendica$ util/composer.phar install

This will populate the vendor folder who will be dropped from the friendica repository after this PR.

This command is already available right now, however so far it wasn’t doing anything because we versioned all the dependencies along with the Friendica code.

For developers:

If you intend on adding new Composer dependencies, you still have to run
friendica$ util/composer.phar install

after any git pull and before making any change to composer.json and running
friendica$ util/composer.phar update

This is because we are using a Composer plugin to import Javascript dependencies along with PHP and this plugin needs to be imported before it can look up new Javascript dependencies.

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