Regular group meetings

In this list you can find regular meetings of local Friendica user groups. If you host such an event and want to have it listed here, please contact us.

  • Berlin (Germany): Meetings take place on every first Wednesday of the month. Announcements with details for the meeting are posted to the berlinerluft forum.

Community Meetings

  • Zwenkau (Germany): Community meeting at lake Zwenkau during summer time. The community meetings are announced in our blog.
  • FOSSDEM and Chaos Communications Congress: Chances are high, that you can meet some Friendica developers and community members at these events.


We have regular Hackathons for Friendica. So far they took place in Berlin during autumns. The coordination usually takes place in the developers forum.

Announcements about upcoming Hackathons are posted in our blog. If you want to host a Hackathon, please reach out to us, so that we can promote your event in the blog.