Download files

Please see the installation instructions for general details regarding the installation. Installing via git is the most easy way to stay up to date with the Friendica development, should you have access to a shell on your server. If you have to use archive files and FTP upload, you can find an overview of the recent released archive files here. They are usually linked in the respective release notes as well, along with details on the update process. For installation instructions using these files, please see this guide.

Here you find a list of full archive files that contain the 3rd party dependencies alongside with the Friendica core. For each of these release archives, you can find an archive containing the addons at github.

These files are meant for people who do not want or are not able to use git for installation and include the vendor sub-directory generated when calling bin/composer.phar.

Downloads from can be verified either by checking the sha256 checksum (see below, or add .sum256 to the archives URL) or by confirming the gpg signature (add .asc to the archives URL). The signature was generated using this key. The fingerprint is

0865 6443 618E 6567 A395
2408 3EE1 97EF 3F9E 4287

Version 2022.12 (current stable)

Release Notes – Archive friendica-full-2022.12.tar.gz
SHA256 sum: 05c6b8152314dc45fd2e574994b531e7f1e1509a70dc56cd78bf1e3c07227092

Development versions (unstable)

Snapshot archives of the current development (develop) or release candidate branches of Friendica can be found at along with their SHA256 check sums. Please be warned, these branches are considered unstable and the snapshots are generated automatically, so it may well be, that the current state of the archive is not usable.

Version 2022.10 (old stable)

Release Notes – Archive friendica-full-2022.10.tar.gz
SHA256 sum: 0d708afdd57a7e00745eb25a6317edc9be9abf7d794c96efdf75c85f5c8c7a52

Version 2022.06 (old stable)

Release Notes – Archive friendica-full-2022.06.tar.gz
SHA256 sum: 05a43d9ec085c06d3bde8b637286dd5fb397d9bdd75e30359e710bcba73082a9

Version 2021.09 (old stable)

Release Notes – Archive friendica-full-2021.09.tar.gz
SHA256 sum: 3f33f5a63c4e9d8ea55b21a33d46663f4b1d636a6546fa3603a244583d3b6faf

Version 2021.07 (old stable)

Release Notes – Archive friendica-full-2021.07.tar.gz
SHA256 sum: d57ebb33ff733f0ad023ad63e8992d8f61cec06363b951d00f1452760eeeda12

Version 2021.04 (old stable)

Release Notes – Archive friendica-full-2021.04.tar.gz
SHA256 sum: 440d3a39cd701c3a4179f89fcb1a7197c3bf03f02c087c4a6e1bbe88932a1ce4

Version 2021.01 (old stable)

Release Notes – Archive friendica-full-2021.01.tar.gz
SHA256 sum: b6f6ac81a0dd8e4bd32848ab2b6a54c35baf104d77abb589751fbd4f26edbcd7

Version 2020.09-1 (old stable)

Release Notes – Archive friendica-full-2020.09-1.tar.gz
SHA256 sum: 6210f74a0cc247536d4106017809f3152c93f1874d424f4acb9c5ed97f95f36b

Version 2020.09 (old stable)

Release Notes – Archive friendica-full-2020.09.tar.gz
SHA256 sum: fb3b8f07aaf3110d26e0c6226ceab3ad9c206b773c3c310eb1e066e3568ed9a5

Version 2020.07-1 (old stable)

Release Notes – Archive: friendica-full-2020.07-1.tar.gz
SHA256 sum:2d58c782b5948da4837689cafb7c9b8512584f01224efa959d735795a5f1b95b

Version 2020.07 (old stable)

Release Notes – Archive: friendica-full-2020.07.tar.gz
SHA256 sum: a4033a4e3b66f20ec22b776b28bb4c12f4a8cee336f42d45e7cf0f1b2a18c4c6

Version 2020.03 (old stable)

Release Notes – Archive: friendica-full-2020.03.tar.gz
SHA256 sum: dbfb001a90533e57fc453ff8d8d5c017236251aef78e5feb9902744d8b8dc1bd

Version 2019.12 (old stable)

Archive: friendica-full-2019.12.tar.gz
SHA256 sum: 6affca62ba26ba34f809a2b1db6612090bb7e0cf5d39bde6e7cbabd1c080ade9

Version 2019.09 (old stable)

Archive: friendica-full-2019.09.tar.gz
SHA256 sum: 6bb4b2f65821a75f4ce9e39615a9fd2bb76c90f32337b5d3298da313b940095c

Version 2019.06 (old stable)

SHA256 Sum: 33523093f11887cdb2130f429b553914545474d0165e66280c985a77dc0b80ba

Version 2019.04 (old stable)

Archive: friendica-full-2019.04.tar.gz
SHA256 Sum: 41df463f0f8e4393d662ddf3265965c64fb0ea5aff8e1624208bd8e38120ae7e

Version 2019.03 (old stable)

Archive: friendica-full-2019.03.tar.gz
SHA256 Sum: 4efdd8913875111c5073c3068c3c7436d404ac5dab1a2c6f67b26699fc28fee5

Version 2019.01 (old stable)

Archive: friendica-full-2019.01.tar.gz
SHA256 Sum: 895025c0adf042b6139ed3e7c4674a49d3a0237ce3490a367be681e6310c92a3