• Post “Status Updates”
  • Photos, albums, tagging, privacy
  • Events Calendar
  • Show different profiles to different people/communities
  • Privacy with military encryption
  • Relationship Control (Follow and or share only)
  • Browse posts by protocol (RSS, Bluesky, OStatus, ActivityPub)
  • Following contacts and hashtags
  • Themes and Addons
  • Federation to Diaspora, Mastodon, Pleroma, Hubzilla, GNU Social, WordPress, Nextcloud, Pixelfed, PeerTube, OStatus, ActivityPub, Tumblr, Bluesky, RSS, Buffer, etc
  • Panel for User- and Systemadministration


  • Network Timeline – Posts of your contacts or post of the hashtags you are following
  • Profile / Personal wall – Posts that you have created
  • Community Page – Posts that are available on your node, consisting of public posts created from users of your node and public posts of contacts or hashtags users of your node are following
  • Different sorting views
  • Groups – you can put contacts in individual groups to just read their posts
  • Comments and multiple posts are collapsed to the most recent (these may be expanded)

Posts & Status Updates

  • “Unlimited” text length – many sites will allow up to 200k characters per post.
  • Rich text supported – bold, italics, decoration, color, size, etc
  • Paragraph formatting – tables, code blocks, quotations, etc
  • Sharing of public posts (except private posts e.g. for closed group of recipients)
  • Edit your posts after they have been published
  • Oembed embedding support
  • Media support includes Photos, Audio, Video, Embeds, Links, Youtube, Vimeo, SoundCloud, File Attachments and more
  • Location/Geotagging Option for posts. Setting default location, using browser location setting or using an addon for random locations
  • Common tag formats supported including @mentions and
  • Likes and dislikes
  • Thread style Commenting
  • Multiple deletion (delete all selected items)
  • Seamless wall-to-wall posts and remote comments, even across different network nodes
  • Notes to self – maintain your own private notebook
  • Sending a post as email for non Friendica users

Direct Messaging

  • Network ’email’ – provides ‘one-to-one’ private messaging to any Friendica or Diaspora, Mastodon, Pleroma or any other network member

Distributed Forums

  • Public Forums – where everybody, even anonymous can read and join the discussion
  • Private Forums – members need to be accepted be the forum owner or moderators. Discussions are not public and only visible to validated members

Privacy & Group control

  • Private conversation groups – on these pages all communications are restricted to group members – similar to Google+ “circles” or Diaspora “aspects”
  • Visual group editor to manage the members of private conversation groups
  • All items controlled by access lists (individuals and groups – allow and deny
  • Individuals may belong to more than one group

Photo & Media Management

  • Upload Manager
  • Tagging of photos
  • Privacy Support – defining access to photos across network nodes
  • Location and other private information embedded in uploaded photos from cell phones is stripped

Event Calendar

  • Create distributed Events with Date, Time, Location, Description
  • React with an Attendance Action like accept, decline or unsure
  • Birthday notifications – timezone corrected so that if you are in New York and I am in Moscow you won’t get the birthday greeting on the wrong day.
  • Personal and shared events in calendar

Profiles & Multiple Profiles

  • Create different profiles to present to different people/communities
  • Private profiles with controlled visibility. You can maintain completely different personality profiles visible only to specific people.
  • Multiple profiles for example:
    • Profile with your phone number and address for your friends and family
    • Profile for the rest of the world with you email address only
  • Existing profiles may be cloned to create similar profiles which only differ in minor details
  • Visual editor allows you to select which friends can view which profile
  • Many profile information sections and categories
  • Anonymous profile viewing (any of your content and/or profile information) can be disabled
  • Publishing your profile to network directories (site and global) is individually controllable

Relationship Control

  • Follow contacts all over the fediverse
  • “Follow” RSS Feeds – Arbitrary websites and blogs may be imported into your social stream via RSS/Atom feeds
  • Sites can restrict friendships based on protocol, email addresses, and DNS location
  • Fan (one-way) relationships are fully supported
  • Create community profiles  for large special interest groups / Forums
  • Automatic contact suggestions
  • Any contact can be blocked completely or quietly “ignored”
  • Match people based on interests in the friendica directory
  • Suggest / recommend existing friends to other friends

Themes, Addons & Apps

  • Different Themes (Frio, Vier ..)
  • Stylesheets / Schemes to change the default look of some Themes (dark, light, colorfull, etc)
  • Addons – FromApp, ShowMore, etc
  • Addons – Bluesky, Tumblr, GNU Social, pump.io, libertree, Blogger, WordPress
  • Supports ‘Apps’ which are third-party plugin applications such as games or utilities
  • Email contacts and communications supported (two-way) via IMAP4rev1/ESMTP
  • OpenID Support
  • Gravatar Support
  • OExchange link sharing supported
  • Portable Contacts Webstandard provides informationwiki. about friends between allowed sites using a standards-compliant format.
  • OpenSearch provider interface for supported browser search engines

Mobile & Third Party clients

  • Basic Twitter/GNU Social API provides easy access from a growing number of mobile and third party applications (Twidere, AndStatus, Bitlbee, Choqok, Frentcl, Gwibber, Hotot, IdentiCurse, Pidgin/Purple, Mustard, Pino, TTYtter, and more)
  • Mastodon compatible API which allows the usage of many additional clients like Tusky, Fedilab, Sengi and more with your Friendica account
  • Clients for Android, SailfishOS and Windows

System & Administration

  • Decentralized architecture with no central authority or ownership
  • Member directory, that respects all your individual privacy settings
  • Administration interface with site settings, addon administration, log file management and member management
  • Public Community page as a site representation provides recent public posts from across the site (respects all privacy controls)
  • Server-to-server encryption Support
  • Optionally “expire” old content after a certain period of time. The content is also removed from all other Friendica servers which might be holding a copy
  • Language selector (or automatic detection) with a growing list of supported translations
  • Message queuing and redelivery for reliable communications
  • Built-in Help and Documentation

System Requirements

  • Platform: PHP8+ / MySQL / Apache / nginx
  • License: AGPL3
  • Cost: FREE