Sympossium about the Fediverse in Cologne, Germany

Tobias Diekershoff, member of the core maintainer group of the Friendica project, will provide input at the The world after Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. A new generation of the Internet? symposium organized by the Free Software Foundation Europe, the Centre for Civic Education of the State of North Rhine-Westphalia and the Adult Education Centre Cologne.

The event in Cologne (Germany) will provide insight into decentralised social networks (the Fediverse) through talks and workshops on 22.09.2023. Tobias will give an input talk about What is the Fediverse? Overview and delimitation and organize a workshop together with Katharina Nocun about Using decentralised services for individuals and institutions.

This is a German-speaking event. Participation is free of charge, but online registration is required.

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