Installation Guides

See this guide for a general guide on how to install Friendica on a shared hosting service. For installations on Dreamhost, there is also a dedicated installation guide in the wiki. If you want to run your node at home, have a look into this article for some information about that.

Installation using git

If you have shell access on your server, you can also use git to manage the files of your Friendica installation. Using git has the advantage, that updates can be pulled in easily, and that you can switch to e.g. a release candidate branch is easy as well.

When all requirements are met and you have read the INSTALL.txt file, you can log in to your server  via ssh and navigate to the root directory of your future Friendica installation. In this directory issue the following commands to get the source code for Friendica core and the Friendica addons:

$> git clone -b master .
$> bin/composer.phar install
$> git clone -b master addon

Then direct your browser to your Friendica servers domain and follow the installation wizard. After completion of the installation, you should setup a cron job for the poller, e.g.:

*/5 * * * * cd /home/myname/mywebsite; /usr/bin/php include/poller.php

If you want to use the latest development version of Friendica you can do so by calling

$> git checkout develop

in the directories and remember to run the composer command from above to refresh the dependencies for the develop branch. Should you do so, please expect possible issues and should you encounter some, please let us know.

When there is a new release, all you have to do to get the latest code is to log into your nodes shell and issue

$> git pull

in the root and addon directory of your Friendica installation.

Getting Help

Each Friendica installation comes with some documentation files. You can access the help pages at /help on your Friendica node.

If you encounter problems with your Friendica installation, you can ask at the Support Forum. Many experienced Friendica users and the core developers are following the Forum, so it is likely that you will get help there.

There is also a support mailing list for Friendica. You can subscribe to the list by sending a mail to support-request(at) will automatically start the subscription process to the list. And there is a chart room at the IRC, #friendica at, if you prefer this support channel. There are also channels via XMPP (support(at) and Matrix ( and #friendica at that you can use.

Share Button

The advanced sharer for Diaspora* works well with Friendica since version 3.3.3. Any plug-in for e.g. your blog that supports this sharer, also supports sharing on Friendica. See out wiki at github for a more complete list for share buttons.

Further Reading

More material for further reading can be found here.