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Important changes for the development branch of Friendica

Soon we will merge a change into the develop branch that will affect the way that the system is updated. By now it was enough to call “git pull” to get the newest code. When you are on the “develop” branch you will now have to execute a second command after this pull. For a […]

pirati.ca and squeet.me currently unavailable – Update

While updating the operating system a necessary reboot (thanks systemd for that) hadn’t worked. So the system is offline at the moment. The support is notified. Hopefully they can solve it today. There should be no data loss. Update: The server is up again. There was a BIOS problem. Everything should work, although problems could […]

Developer forum has moved

Due to performance issues with the old server, the developer forum has moved to https://forum.friendi.ca/profile/developers Since we have migrated the account, no changes needn’t to be done on existing connections.

New developer forum

Dear all, we have a new Developers Forum: http://helpers.pyxis.uberspace.de/profile/developers (the old one @Friendica Developers seems to be offline permanently)

Bugfix for communication problems in the develop branch released

A recent pull request to the “develop” branch introduced a nasty bug that┬áblocked the background processing that is used to distribute messages,┬áto import feeds and to do several more stuff. Please update your system as soon as possible if you are running with the “develop” branch and the “worker” background processing isn’t enabled.

See you at the lakeside!

After the fun of last years community meeting at the lakeside of Lake Zwenkau (not far from Leipzig) we decided to repeat it this year. So if you are around Zwenkau at the weekend of August the 20th/21st we would be glad of you join us.