Hackathon Berlin 2017

Thanks to the nice people of the e-lok we had our Hackathon over the last weekend near Ostkreuz station in Berlin. Seven people coming together to work on the themes, code and the documentation. Altogether we had many discussion rounds, a small workshop, produced 26 pull requests and had a lot of fun. Thanks to everybody who could attend!

On Friday evening we started with a small workshop about creating an addon for Friendica. The resulting rot13 thingy is nothing that should be used, not in this form and not for any serious purpose. But the step-by-step discussion about the code brought up enough questions to clarify the process of writing addons for Friendica. Even though it is not as good as the live workshop, you can find the code and documentation on github.,

After the warm-up phase on Friday evening, Saturday and Sunday were busy with coding and documentation work. Some highlights are:

  • The !-mentions for forums, introduced before the Hackathon got some love. The difference between the @-mentioning and the !-mentioning of a forum is, that the ! is exclusive for one forum.  Forum postings will not be send to other networks or your contacts [1],. If you select a forum in the ACL, it will make sure, that you only select one forum.
  • The documentation was updated, and in some parts new German translations were added.
  • The vier theme got a new style called Plus Minus. It is work in progress at the moment with the goal to have a minimalistic version  concentrating more on the information of the postings, and not so much on the meta stuff.

    plusminus style of the vier theme

    Screenshot of the plusminus style from the vier theme.

  • There is now the pos­si­bil­ity to enable a tag cloud wid­get on the users pro­file page, which does list the tags the pro­file owner has used for his/​her posts.
  • We set up a second directory server that you can use. The two directory servers to sync their content, so you can put any one of them into your nodes configuration. Many thanks to the Berlin Linux User Group for providing the server alongside with your node in the network!
  • We have build some preliminary version of a Debian package for Friendica. Not finished, but at least install able for now. We’ll investigate ways to publish the upcoming version 3.6 packages.
  • We wrote two new utility scripts for the admins to run from the CLI of their servers. These can be used to silence accounts from the nodes global community page or block them completely from the node.

Thanks everybody involved making this event possible! And happy coding 🙂

[1] Please note: At the moment previously selected groups, e.g. via the default postings permissions, are not overwritten. If you have a non-public default set of recipient-permissions, please the the ACL permission to public / “visible to all” before selecting the target forum.

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