33c3 Session: The Federation

At the 29th December during the 33c3 at Hamburg some 40 people gathered together in a small seminar room to attend my short introduction session to The Federation which was part of the FSFE Assembly. Not everyone attending was new to the Federation, or the concept of decentralized social networks, allowing their members to communicate across the project borders. Some came from the Diaspora Assembly. But some interested people, who had never heard about it before, attended as well.

We had an hour slot, but the talk was never meant to fill the entire slot. So afterwards we had plenty of time for a nice vivid discussion over a couple of topics related to decentral social networks. The problems now, and the future. But for me the more interesting questions came up later on days 3 and 4 of the congress in private talks, following the session. I hope to see some of your ideas alive.

Thanks everyone attending the session! And thanks to the FSFE for having this session as part of their Assembly.

The slides of the talk can be found on my FSFE Fellowship Wiki page. We tried to have our own streaming and recording of the talk, but sadly the tech worked not as well as during the testing, so you cannot rewatch the session 😉

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