Berlin Hackathon 2016

Last weekend Berlin featured mixed up weather, warm, rain and some sun. It also featured this years Friendica Hackathon. We met again at the e-lok youth club which kindly allowed us to use their Media-Room as Hackcenter.

It was a wonderful, productive weekend, with some discussions about future plans how to prepare for those and how to tackle some problematic issues. We tagged the work that arrived the repository at github, but you don’t need to follow that link to get the important stuff we worked on.

  • The user interface got some love, especially our new Frio theme. Alongside the UX was improved in some corners where problems were reported for. Please note that we decided to delete some themes, which got deprecated two years ago. If you really miss them, for historic reasons they will be archived in a special repository.
  • The Vagrant VM now supports Ubuntu 14.04 and 16.04, so you can now easily switch between PHP5 and PHP7 environments to test your work.
  • The admin interface got some extensions, and will get more in the near future, though likely after the 3.5.1 version was released.
  • And of course the interiors of Friendica got some attention and the documentation was enhanced.

Thanks to all who have joint at e-lok and the IRC. And many thanks to the team of the e-lok for letting us use the venue and sharing their meal with us on Saturday!

With the work done at the Hackathon we plan to have a feature freeze at the end of November to release Friendica 3.5.1 during December before the end of the year season.

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