3.5.1-RC available

Just a short note to let you know, that we branched off a branch for the 3.5.1 release candidate on github. If no serious issues are found while testing this branch, the release of Friendica version 3.5.1 should follow soon. If you want to have a sneak peak at the changes, you can take a look at the CHANGELOG file at the 3.5.1rc branch.

If you want to help us testing, the most easy way to do so is when you use git to manage your installation. Then all you have to do is a

git pull
git checkout 3.5.1rc

and enjoy the testing phase. Note that depending from which point on the develop or master branch you switch to the RC branch, the database will receive some updates to the structure that can take some time to be applied. How long exactly depends on the size of your database and the resources on the server.

If you join us testing the RC branch and find anything suspicious, please let us know at the support forum.

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