Hackathon Berlin 2015

While outside in Berlin the Christmas Markets are build up in sunny, almost spring like Berlin, this weekend the Friendica developers met at eLok for second Hackathon of the project after last years primer. From that 1st Hackathon the number of attending developers at the venue was doubled, which lead to exciting moment seeing a dozent people working at the backend, the user interface and the extensions of ~friendica.

Thhanks to everyone who attended the meeting at the eLok in Berlin or the IRC and the Hackathons forum. Thank you for all the contributions to the project, Be they in code or discussions. And a special thanks to the team of the eLok for letting us use this wonderrful venue.

So, what did me worked on?

  • The default profile picture Andi Stadler designed over last years hackathon grow into a full icon set. ShaShapes will give the user interface a nice new touch.
  • On the theme front, vier got some new features over the last days making it mobile friendly. Additionally a new nice looking theme got some new lines of code, gaining functionality. Eventually it can be published within the next month.
  • Contacts management got an overhaul, making the different spots of the user interface consistent.
  • Notification system was enhanced so now you get a counter for each of your contact groups when new postings arrive.
  • Should you miss the little flag to select the UI language, have a look into the basic settings of your account
  • The documentation was clarified and
  • The admin panel was extended.

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