Friendica 3.4.3 released

Dear Federation,

we are happy to announce the release of Friendica 3.4.3, the last planed minor release of the Lily of the valley family before the release of Friendica 3.5 in spring 2016. As such version 3.4.3 bundles a couple bug fixes with a number of new features. For the full list, please read the CHANGELOG, but let me highlight some things from the long list.

  • Support to events attendance. Users can mark their participation to an event,
  • Private forums are mentioned automatically like community forums,
  • The UI in the aspects of dealing with contacts was streamlined,
  • The Forumlist widget moved from the addons into the core (you can just disable that addon),
  • Federation with Diaspora* and GNU Social was improved,
  • The API was improved, especially to fix some incompatibilities with the AndStatus clients.
And just a hint, in case you muss the little flag for language settings: have a look into the basic settings of your account, you will find the language settings there from now on.

How to Update?

If you have an installation using the git repository directly, all you have to do is a git pull in the friendica directory and the addons directory. That will fetch the new version from the master branch and you are ready to go. If you want to use the bleeding edge code from the development branch of Friendica 3.5 Asparagus, checkout the develop branch in your repository.

Alternatively you can find a zip file of the released version of friendica at for download. Just unzip it on your local machine and replace the files on your server with the new files.

Friendica at the 32c3

Friendica will be present at the 32nd Chaos Communication Congress (32c3) on Day 2 (that is Monday, December 28) at the Assembly of the FSFE. Have a look at the congress wiki for details on the session. A great opportunity to meet some of the Friendica developers and other users in the real world.

Edit (as the congress wiki is down): The session will take place at 21:00 in Hall14 which should be near to the POC.

Have a merry time!

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