Friendica Hackathon 2019 in Berlin a Resume

Berlin, painted in November grey, coldish and rainy–perfect time for a Hackathon. Thanks to the lovely team of the youth-club E-LOK we had a venue for this weekend to get together and work on various aspects of Friendica. We thank you very, very much for the opportunity to use the studio over the weekend!

So, what did we do over the weekend? We talked a lot about current issues, modifications of current features and ideas for new ones. Had some great ideas and threw them out of the window again (how about putting the notifications into the block-chain?). Investigated the next steps on our way out of github. Some corners of the projects homepage got some clean-up and extension. Furthermore we

  • improved the federation with Diaspora* and Peertube and got some improvements for the federation with Funkwhale on the way,
  • added an export and import functionality for your followed accounts, that is hopefully compatible with the method other platforms (like Mastodon and Pleroma) are using,
  • clarified the functionality of the network views tabs,
  • enhanced the registration process and some aspects of the user interface

and we got pinned postings on the way (… to Hamburg).

While we sat together at E-LOK remote contributions to the code where done by the other wonderful Friendica developers who sadly could not attend

  • targeting issues with the profiles, especially the multiple profiles feature,
  • and bringing the saved folders widget in a better shape,

Thanks to everyone involved making this a wonderful meetup and productive Hackathon. Have you been at the venue, or contributed from abroad.

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