Friendica Berlin-Hackathon 2018

Last weekend we had our Hackathon in Berlin. Thanks to the nice people of the youth-club E-LOK we could use their venue again. Enjoying the crisp November air in the garden while hacking and discussing in the warmth inside. Thanks a lot for the opportunity!

Entrance area of the youth-club E-LOK in Berlin

Entrance area of the youth-club E-LOK in Berlin

Apart from enjoying the garden, what did we do?

  • We fixed a number of bugs in the user interface, enhanced the documentation and worked on the translations.
  • There were several issues with the Vagrant machine we could solve. Furthermore we discussed some changes to the machine we want to add as features in the future.
  • We discussed a potential change in the ~nickname viewpoint of the profile and turn it into a more blog like view to the postings.
  • Some time ago we started to discuss the state of various of the additional features of Friendica and the reasoning behind putting them behind that curtain. Over the Hackathon we evaluated the results of that discussion and changed their state accordingly.
  • And last but not least we spend some time discussing the various ways to block and ignore other accounts and their content. Starting from this discussion we started a clarification process which will hopefully lead to a cleaner interface to these features in Friendica in the near future.

Thanks everybody who made the Hackathon a wonderful weekend–it was real fun!

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