Friendica Hackathon 2018

Three times we’ll wake up, be hot then it’s Friendica hackathon weekend.

We are grateful that we can use the youth-club E-LOK, Laskerstraße 6-8 near Ostkreuz station in Berlin, again as venue for the Friendica hackathon in Berlin this year. Some of us will gather at Friday (that is the 16th November) afternoon at the venue for set-up and already doing some work. Hacking will most likely really happen at Saturday and Sunday; focusing the work on the open issues of the upcoming 2018.12 release. If you are interested in the progress, you can follow it with the Berlin2018 label for closed issues . If you want to join from abroad, we will be online at the Friendica IRC channel (#friendica at most of the time.

Entrance area of the youth-club E-LOK in Berlin

Entrance area of the youth-club E-LOK in Berlin

If you want to join us at the hackathon. Please contact Tobias and let him know, so that the snacks wont run out at Saturday evening 😉 But don’t hesitate, spontaneous visitors are welcome as well!

Happy hacking!

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