Develop: Executables have moved permanently

For anyone using the develop branch, as of now there are major changes about the executable scripts:

  • composer.pharworker.phpdaemon.php and auth_ejabberd.php have been moved to the newly created bin/ folder
  • A new CLI console has been created and can be accessed with bin/console or php bin/console.php. Calling it without arguments shows the list of available commands.
  • All the PHP executable scripts in util/ and scripts/dbstructure.php have been moved to the new console.

Thanks for your patience!


Karen says:

Im a uaser of a group on facebook.
With all the facebook issues i am wanting to revommend we move here. But frankly we are all average joes, our group is simply a vintage trailer group. We have collected files of documents and photos for repair maintanance eyc of these yrailers.
But we are also a tight and avtive community amungst ourselves with many events etc. We do not monetise anything. We simply help support each other and enjoy our friendships and achievements with respect to our lives in regard to our vintage trailers.
But non the less simply being on facebook even in this benign way has put our information and all our friends and thier friends information and so on at risk of abuse by…well anyone motivated to abuse it without consent.
I am responsible for my own conduct and info. But to know inadvertently I allowed my friends and thier friends and so on to be abused through my decisions for my own preference of sharing data…. is not acceptable.
So my question is…
Do you have a help page showing how to safely migrate facebook page data into a new site here… A help page that is as easy as ” set up for dummies”? Not that my group members are dummies but rather a seemless as possible migration of group content is needed to make the move.
2. Servers. I appreciate free servers. However how often do they go away or go down? Are they secure and protected? No point moving our data to places that can be as abused as facebook info has been legally or illegally.
3. We are a north american group though all are welcome. I appreviaye privacy laws in Europe. Does this extend to the free servers in Germany and other European free server sites?
4. If we use a European server and can be confident they will be in operation for a few decades or easily be notified in advance if need to migrate our data to new server…. will our log in page/url be a european domain? Or do all Friendica grouos and users go to one web page to log in at a .com address and redirected seemlessly from there. Ideally the second is best option since vintage trailer is north american made and none are on other continents and so it would confuse those searching for us to be attached to any other continent in our url.

This likely is not the place to ask these questions but I can find no other place to ask or answer them here.
Please understand. Im an old lady in canada and while I have a decent understanding of basic coding and social media platforms…I am compared to you just an aberage Joe in understanding.
Thank you Katen Newman

Tobias says:

Hey Katen!

I’ll try to answer your questions understandable. But if I fail, please don’t hesitate to ask again and again… Regarding a different place to ask those questions, we have a support forum, within Friendica so as long as you don’t have an account, you could not ask anything there. But we also have an email list for support questions that can be used. Though here is fine as well!

First off, the Friendica servers are not under the “control” of the project, but are run by volunteers mostly not involved with the development of the software. But any account on a Friendica server can communicate with accounts of other Friendica servers. It maybe compares well with emails, where you can send mails from one provider to another.

(1.) I am not aware of any help page about migrating a Facebook page. I never used it at that level of pages on Facebook, so I have not much experience dealing with exporting stuff from there. So I suppose it involves manually downloading the stuff from FB and manually uploading it to the new forum for your vintage trailer circle. If I understand you correctly, you are a bunch of people (all would need an account on some server) who share the interest, which translates best to a community forum account in Friendica. All people account would need to connect to the forum and can then share postings with that forum. The forum can be public or private (to anonymous visitors from the internet).

(2.) Looking at the public server list, I know most of them now for years. I cannot say how long they will remain though, as they are all run by volunteering people who think that it is a good idea to provide the service, none of the listed servers has a corporation behind them as far as I know. Some have fundraising campaigns to cover the costs running the servers, some not. Regarding this and about how secure your data is on their nodes you best ask the admins of the nodes. Generally speaking, everybody having access to the server directly (is in control of the machine serving the data to the internet) has access to it. So it is a matter of trust towards the admin of the used server to keep the security tight.

(3.) I am not a lawyer, but I think the simple answer is yes. German/European laws apply to servers based in Germany and it most likely gets complicated when users from Canada have issues (on the juristic page of the book of problems) with users that are based say in Bangkok but all using a Germany based server.

(4.) Simple answer is no. Decades is a very long time in terms of the internet. Friendica is around since 2010, Facebook since 2004, so even they only are around for a single decade. The Internet is only around for a few decades. Notification of the user base of a server is up to the admins of that server, but Friendica provides tools to send out information to all registered user. You can migrate your account from one Friendica server to another, but the feature to also import all the old postings and photos is currently missing. It is on the list of things to implement, but it is not there yet. Your contact information to Friendica and diaspora* contacts should be updated during the move though.

It might be worth to look into Hubzilla for your community. It has its roots in Friendica but was developed more into a content management system with integrated social network functionality. There they have the concept of “Nomadic Identities”, which basically means that your account data is not only on one server, but automatically backed up on another and should the first one go down you can use the second one. Hubzilla has some more features as CMS over Friendica, but is also more complex. Both can communicate with each other and are part of the larger network of server from different decentral social network platforms. I’m just bringing it up, because I have no idea how complex the data are you curate for your vintage trailers any Hubzilla may offer better ways to present your content to the audience then a social network like Friendica does.

If you are looking for a server based in North America, you might try which was recently set up. So I have no idea how long it will stay online. But if I understood the admin of that node correctly in the support forum, he plans to operate the node for some time.

Ideally I think that a group like yours, even of average Joes, should be running their own server. Then they have to control of the operation period and most likely have the best connection to their server admin and thus the trust in the person. Running a Friendica server is not that complicate, and should be comparable to running a WordPress blog.

Hope that covers some answers and not opens too much new ones. I know that thinking about that kind of stuff can be like Pandoras box. But as said initially please feel free to ask further.

ivan says:

hi i dont have github. petrovan what you did to developer edition. when i get git pull it download and when i go to it comment white with lines poiting to and correct need to be
when i restore from backup it work 100 %

Tobias says:

Please have a look at the update documentation and follow the steps explained there. I assume that you did not run tha composer command to update the dependencies.

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