New feature for the Frio theme – Sticky Aside

Fabio provided a patch for the Frio theme which does make the the left aside (widget) section sticky. This is a massive improvement in usability.

Now, the user can scroll down his/her main content an if the the left aside section reaches its end, it will stay sticky while the user can scroll the main content further to the bottom. So the user will have the left aside navigation (or additional info) always available and can navigate very quickly.

This patch does also provide a better usability for mobile use. Formerly in the mobile view the left aside section was inserted on top of the main content. This means the user need to scroll to the top of the page to see the left aside bar. This was really annoying.
Now the left aside section does slide in from the left independently of the vertical position in the main content.

A good sticky behavior for the left aside section is a feature I have been trying to implement since one year. But I always failed.
Thanks to Fabio Frio’s left aside section behaves now like it was always intended from the beginning.

The patch is available in friendicas develop branch and in the 3.5.2rc branch.
This means it would be part of Friendicas upcoming 3.5.2 release.

Note: If someone wants to test the new feature, he/she may needs to refresh the browser cache

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