A Decentralized Social Network

What is Friendica and why should I bother using it?

Friendica is open source software that implements a decentralized social network. It provides a wide range of connectors to other social networks. Connect with friends on, Diaspora, GNU Social, or Twitter. You can import RSS feeds and post to Facebook, Libertree, Wordpress, Tumblr, Google+ pages and more. You can even interact via mail.

Why Friendica? Simply, because we love freedom and want users to be in control of their social activity. Friendica is an alternative to walled-garden social networks that don't value user privacy.

Join the Friendica network

To sign-up on a Friendica instance, visit the list of public nodes. Click the Name and then look for the "Sign-up" option.

Bugs and development

Please report bugs or feature requests by using the GitHub Issue tracker. Pull Requests via GitHub are always welcome! It is recommended to subscribe to the Friendica support group, once you have a Friendica account.

Setup your own Friendica instance

If you are a developer or admin and know what you are doing, setting up your own Friendica instance would be awesome!