Wrapping up the Remote Friendica Hackathon 2020

Last weekend we had our annual Hackathon for the Friendica project. Unlike the years before, this time organized remotely using a conference room at the BigBlueButton instance of Senfcall instead of the cozy venture at E-LOK. Meeting in person is great, for all the socializing around the project, but we did manage to get some of it into the virtual space. Discussing lots of issues and ideas for Friendica and having a productive weekend.

Thanks to all, who made this weekend as wonderful as it was 🙂

schedule of the 2020 remote Hackathon
This slide shows the schedule of the 2020 Hackathon for Friendica

What did we hack on?

Over the Hackathon we had 23 pull requests merged into the core repository of Friendica. Eleven pull requests for the directory and two for the addons repository got merged as well. Some of the highlights:

  • We kicked off a new wiki for the project at wiki.friendi.ca where we want to bundle the documentation and make it available in more languages, extending the translation effort.
  • The user directories, e.g. dir.friendica.social, got many improvements and some fixes.
  • There is now an initial version of a small Python tool to extract the content from the backup data files everybody can download from their Friendica accounts–and we fixed a bug in that export function.
  • The endless scrolling setting is now effective on more pages to unify the behavior.
  • The community pages got some options better concentrate on interesting things and got some performance enhancements.
  • The update_active_contacts option was added to the configuration of Friendica which might help to enhance the performance of nodes running on limited hardware like the RaspberryPi.

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