Friendica Hackathon 2020 Schedule

As mentioned before the Friendica Hackathon this year wont be in Berlin. Instead over the weekend from Friday, September 25th to Sunday, September 27th, we will come together virtually and you are invited to join us.

You want to join the Hackathon?

Great to hear! And welcome aboard. Please let us know about your plans what you want to work on in this thread[1] in the Developers forum. If you are unsure where to start, this list of issues might give you an idea and the Hackathon is the perfect moment to get some Friendica developers to clarify questions.


We will meet for audio/video chats in a Big Blue Button conference room using the senfcall service. You will find the exact room URL in the etherpad for the Hackathon, once the URL is fixed Friday morning in Europe.

Additionally we will be most likely idling in the XMPP, IRC and Matrix rooms for the Friendica community (see the External Resources page in the docs for their addresses).

Fixed dates

The first meeting of the participants of the Hackathon will be on Friday at 17h UTC.

Most of the time we will hack on the code (e.g. the upcoming 2020.12 release). Tinker about problems in solitude, undisturbed by the Squirrels. However we want to get together once in a while. For taking a break, getting something to drink and to brainstorm together about stuff that just came up. For this all the participants (unless sleeping or otherwise occupied by more important things) shall meet at the conference room at UTC 8h, 14h and 18h.

Additionally we will have an open round that everybody interested in Friendica can join on Friday at 18h UTC . To ask questions, give feedback and make suggestions. If you want to join, please put your topic into this etherpad so we can group the topics.

The coffee break on Sunday at 18h UTC will be the closing event of the Hackathon.



1: The thread is public so you can search for the URL and join the conversation.

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