Friendica 2020.03 Release Candidate (RC) available for testing

Today we have branched of the release candidate (RC) of the upcoming Friendica 2020.03 version. We’d like to invite you to test the code so that some last rough edges can be smoothed out prior to the release.

Cloud of most used words in the pull request titles of the 2020.03 milestone

The release contains many bug fixes (about 40% of the pull request were aimed to this goal) but also some new features. Some highlights from the upcoming release:

  • The multiple profile feature was removed and replaced by free form profile fields that you can present different audiences (unverified visitors of your profile and selected Friendica contact/-groups). The old (additional) profiles are converted automatically for the new format.
  • The hide-wall profile option was replaced by a hopefully more clear option to have your public postings unlisted on the community page of your node.
  • The creation of delegated accounts was made more easy.
  • The accessibility of the web-interface was improved.
  • Admins can now manage the users of their node from the command line.
  • An addon to use Markdown instead of BBCode while composing new postings and comments was added.


Please remember that Friendica now needs at least PHP version 7.0 and MySQL 5.6 (or equivalent) installed on the server to function properly.

How to help testing the release candidate?

Assuming that you are running the 2019.12 version of Friendica and that you have installed via git: Please pull the current sources for the core of Friendica and the addons from github. You should see a notification about a new branch called 2020.03-rc during the pull. in both repositories. You just need to checkout this branch with a

git checkout 2020.03-rc

and remember to follow the usual steps after updating using git. Please report any issues you encounter using either the issue tracker at github or the Friendica support or admin forums.

Thanks for testing the new code with us!

Known Issues

  • To avoid getting a “Row size too large” error during the update of the database structure, please ensure that you configured your InnoDB_file_format to be Barracuda

Should the DB update process get stuck

If you encounter this, please initiate the DB update manually from the command line by running the script

./bin/console dbstructure update

from the base of your Friendica installation. If the output contains any error message, please let us know using the channels mentioned above.

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