Friendica 2019.04 released

This release fixes a bug allowing unauthorised access to private postings under certain circumstances.

How to update

For this release notes we assume, that you are running Friendica 2019.03 if not, please update to that release before proceeding.

Using git

If you have used git for installation, update your system simply by doing a git pull in the core repository of Friendica. The fix is applied to the master and the devel branch of the repository.

An update of the addons repository is not needed.

Using the archive files

Before uploading the extracted files from the archive please make sure that you have a backup copy of your configuration file (config/local.config.php).

Please download the archive file friendica-full-2019.04.tar.gz which contains the needed 3rd party dependencies.

Compared to the 2019.03 release only four files have changed: CHANGELOG, VERSION, boot.php and mod/display.php.

Extract the archive and upload the contained files (all or only the four mentioned above) to your server.

Post upgrade procedure

There should be no action necessary after the files are exchanged if you were updating from the 2019.03 release of Friendica.

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