Friendica 3.4.2 released

Dear Federation,

we are happy to announce the availability of Friendica version 3.4.2, which is mainly a bug fix release for the “Lily of the valley“. Apart from fixing many small issues and improving the communication layers with the rest of the federation, we have started to implement ways to improve the accessibility of the supported themes. You can find a list of the access keys in the help files of your node. This is not done by now, but first steps on the way for better accessibility are taken. If you want to help us with it, either as coder or from the perspective as user who needs these features, please contact us in one of the developers or support forums. Your help would be much appreciated!

For a full list of changes, please see the CHANGELOG file.

How to update?

If you have an installation using the git repository directly, all you have to do is a git pull in the friendica directory and the addons directory. That will fetch the new version from the master branch and you are ready to go. Alternatively you can find a zip file of the released version of friendica at for download. Just unzip it on your local machine and replace the files on your server with the new files.


The next minor release of Friendica is planned for the mid of December, just in time to wrap up nice present for the end of the year. Also keep your frequencies open as we try to coordinate a developer meeting in addition to the wonderful community meeting we had in Zwenkau this summer.

Have fun!

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