Friendica 3.4.1 released

Dear Federation,

three month have passed since the ‘Lily of the valley‘ was released, we just released the current development branch as version 3.4.1. This is mostly a bug fixing and federation enhancing release, but we added some small new features as well. See the CHANGELOG file for the whole story.

One of the fixes included in this release concerns the RINO encryption layer that can optionally be activated between two friendica nodes (Issue 1655). If you have enabled RINO on your node we strongly encurage you to update to Friendica 3.4.1 and change the used RINO version to version 2 in the admin panel. If you have not enabled RINO, we still think the enhancements are worth the upgrading process.

Apart from this fix

  • we have improved the implementation of the Diaspora and OStatus protocols, thus enhancing the communication with contacts who use Diaspora/redmatrix or StatusNet/GNU social,
  • the Twitter compatible API was enhanced, improving the usage of client software,
  • various calls to the database were improved, speeding up the system,
  • some rough edges of the UI were polished,
  • the translations got updated as did the German translation of the user documentation.

We have also ported some things from the redmatrix back to Friendica and moved the usage of Google maps out of the core of Friendica into an addon alongside the Open Streetmap addon.

How to update?

If you have an installation using the git repository directly, all you have to do is a git pull in the friendica directory and the addons directory. That will fetch the new version from the master branch and you are ready to go. Alternatively you can find a zip file of the released version of friendica at for download. Just unzip it on your local machine and replace the files on your server with the new files.


The next minor release of Friendica is planned for the end of August, right after the user and developer meeting in Zwenkau, Germany between 21st and 23rd of the month.

Have fun!

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